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About TULLUS, Ltd.

The company TULLUS, Ltd. was founded in 2010 in Kosice, Slovakia, and ever since been dealing with the complex solutions to lighting the interior and exterior of both public and private buildings (mainly industrial objects) with equipment and operating funds based on the latest LED technology. Our services include design, project processing and visualization, material supply, final implementation, and electrical wiring and lighting, including carrying out professional inspections and tests of installed electrical wiring. We also specialize in solving complex electrical installations in buildings, designs and implementations of electronic security, and video distribution.

The mission of TULLUS, Ltd. is to provide professional, reliable, environmentally friendly and affordable services with fast response and solutions to other emerging requirements in the nick of time and according to specific customer requirements. Using the latest technologies, including renewable energy we provide our customers with solutions that will bring a considerable cost saving in the long run.

Our company is primarily focused on business customers who need appropriate, effective and energy-saving lighting of larger or smaller areas, and who want through LED technology to present its high corporate level. Lighting in this manner has now become a new symbol for "modern, economic and environmental technology".

In addition to supply, design and installation we also provide warranty service of lighting equipment and electrical wiring. Even in cases of a failure or an unforeseen event it is very easy to replace the lighting or its part within the warranty period.

Due to environmental friendliness, this technology is also supported by the EU. Part of the funds needed to implement the LED installation is available through the European Structural Funds. Our company also deals with the preparation of projects and consultancy in this field.

All our services are carried out by specialists in their respective fields.